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Kent Beck's Product Development Triathlon

The Three-Phased Approach That Changed Everything 

 In this exclusive broadcast from Andela Nairobi, Kent Beck shares the discovery that dramatically changed his approach to software development

About this Broadcast

In early 2016, Kent Beck made a discovery that changed his approach to software development -- and life in general. His epiphany came about when he finally asked himself the questions he should have asked twenty years ago: "What if those waterfall folks aren't wrong? What if they are solving a different problem than I'm solving? What problem is that?"

In an exclusive broadcast from Andela Nairobi, Kent shares thoughts on his new "Explore/ Expand/ Extract" triathlon approach to product development, which evolved from his answers to the above questions.

Kent Beck has been programming and coaching programmers at Facebook since 2011. Formerly, he was the founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI). His career has combined the practice of software development with reflection, innovation, and communication. His contributions to software development include patterns for software, the rediscovery of test-first programming, the xUnit family of developer testing tools, and Extreme Programming. He currently divides his time between writing, programming, and coaching.

Beck is the author/co-author of Implementation Patterns, Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change 2nd Edition, Contributing to Eclipse, Test-Driven Development: By Example, Planning Extreme Programming, Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns, and the JUnit Pocket Guide. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oregon.

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