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How to Scale Your Engineering Team

Featuring John Pavley, SVP Engineering at Viacom and former VP Engineering at Spotify

About this Webinar

How do you navigate the most common challenges of rapid growth? Watch this recorded webinar to hear John Pavley, SVP of Engineering at Viacom, share his insights into matrix management and how he used it to better scale his engineering teams.  

As the guy who previously led teams at Apple, DoubleClick, Spotify, and the Huffington Post, John is an expert when it comes to building world-class development teams with productive agile processes.  

Whether you’re a veteran CTO or an engineering manager looking for ways to stay ahead of the game -- this webinar is for YOU. 

John Pavley is a technology leader with over two decades of experience in mobile, web, server, and desktop applications. Pavley rode the personal computer wave from the first graphical user interfaces to the World Wide Web to the on-going mobile metamorphosis. Along that way he has worked with some of the greatest people at many of the most innovative companies on earth: Apple, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, LimeWire, Spotify, Huffington Post, and currently Viacom.

Pavley is also an Adjunct Instructor at NYU. Pavley has led teams at startups, tech companies, and media companies. He has led the design and development of award-winning products, such as Apple’s ClarisWorks for Kids, DoubleClick’s DART5, Spotify’s streaming radio service, and HuffPost’s verified identify. But his absolute favorite thing to do is to recruit and lead product development teams with insanely productive agile processes and world-class teams.

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