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How to Build a Distributed Tech Team

Featuring Tray Lewin of Connect 

About This Webinar

Are you building a new engineering team, or looking for tips on how to better manage one? If so, then this webinar is for you.
Listen to this webinar recording to hear Tray Lewin, CTO of Connect, share how to build a high-performing distributed tech team.

You'll Learn:

Insights into a startup CTO's tools and processes
How to create a company culture across your team, regardless of location
Best practices on how to manage a team of 10 or 100 employees




Tray Lewin is a software developer, architect, and entrepreneur. He’s founded and led companies, served as a CTO for several successful startups and ran large, distributed, development teams as chief architect and product lead for Accenture. He’s also filled the role of global technology strategist for Microsoft, as well as the world’s largest retailer, and a renown investment bank on Wall Street. He’s now the CTO at

Tray has a bachelor and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

About Tray Lewin

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